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If both partners are career oriented, their work problems may disrupt their sex life.Lack of sex interest can often be one of the first signs of depression.Normally, in erotic situations, men don't lose their desire even though erections are harder to come by. The psychological factors disturbing potency, once thought to be 90% of sexual problems, are now considered to be less than half.However, there are many factors that may inhibit sexual desire in both men and women. Inhibited sexual desire may result from marital problems, a deteriorating relationship, depression, stress, major life changes and the sexual revolution.

Certainly, the lean, shapely, muscular look of the bodybuilder's body is a psychological turn-on. At the physiological level, scientists have found that vigorous exercise stimulates the production of the hormone responsible for the sex drive in both men and women - testosterone.

Factors such as retirement, career changes, moving to a new home or remarriage may also lead to temporary loss of desire.

On-the-job problems may cause sexual desire to deteriorate.

Drugs to improve erections can be prescribed to counter the inadequate nerve transmission due to diabetes.

Pill such as Viagra can also be prescribed to help create and keep an erection.

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Vasectomy, though not affecting male potency physiologically, may have a psychologically inhibiting effect.

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