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Each registered account allows multiple Cipher TV Bars.Each Cipher TV Bar comes with a single Cipher TV App, allowing you 1 concurrent login to the Cipher TV App.This difference may negatively impact your phone’s Wi-Fi speed, especially in areas of high interference on the 2.4 Ghz Wi-fi frequency. Cipher TV connects directly to your TV and your high-speed wired or wireless internet and lets you access the streaming channels that you signed up for (like Netflix, TED or with our very own Cipher TV) right from your TV. Click the button labeled as “DV” for described video.Cipher TV Bar requires that you have an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth for streaming AEBC TV services. By clicking the Arrow buttons on your air mouse you will be able to adjust the resolution as desired. On Home Screen, click “ALL APPS” then go to “Settings” b. Click “Talk Back” to turn it on at the top right of the screen. While watching on Full Screen, click anywhere for the bottom bar to appear. You can see a button on the bottom right of the screen. On 0-IPTV application, when on full screen, you just have to click the back button on your air mouse (back button is right next to the menu button), there you will see the EPG.The Cipher TV Home package is the best value in home entertainment with over 90 channels, and something to watch for everyone in the family.Add-on additional channels our Theme Packs or create your own Custom Pack. This SD channel celebrates the people, places and activities closest to the heart of Canada with new, exclusive programs.If the problem persists, then open the Cipher TV2 App and: – Bring up the keypad located on the screen bottom right corner – Click on Menu – Click on Settings – Turn on Display Technical info See what the average speed is on the bottom line, it need to be at least 4Mbps to get the HD channels to run properly.

Includes: 4 linear TV channels & a new selection of movies rotated monthly.The Cipher TV Bar comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty free, or extend your coverage for up to 3 years through AEBC.The Cipher TV is a device powered by Android OS that enables you not only to stream videos, TV programs and music, but it also allows you to do other things like be socially connected with Social Networking Apps, connect to your loved ones via Skype, MSN, YM or even play games in your very own TV.AEBC’s Cipher TV hardware streams videos (rather than downloads) so you’ll get instant access to a huge library of entertainment without having to store any video files on your computer or hard drive.Differences in hardware: If you’re both on a Wi-Fi connection, know that STB, phones and tablets typically have less sophisticated Wi-Fi antennae than larger devices like laptops.

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If there is, move your WIFI channel number to a non-conflicting channel.

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