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Of course, because mandolins, banjos and upright basses were also popular during that time period, Washburn guitars built those as well.Interestingly, because of an influx of African-Americans moving north from the Mississippi Delta region in the 1920's, the Chicago music scene really took off.It is always a talking point because of the antiqued finish. Bought one for my son several years ago used, all solid woods and a very nice guitar. Best advice is from someone who owns my case 2! Got a newer one in a trade that has a wider neck and laminated top, back, but has a very nice sound. I absolutely love them and they are NOT cheap guitars.

Washburn's factory was located near Maxwell Street, where many musicians congregated to jam and hang out.

George Washburn Lyons was not a guitar maker - he was a businessman. Worth a read if you're interested in this type of thing.

It's not clear when the first electric Washburn guitar came about, nor is it clear when the Washburn guitar company was purchased by the US Music Corporation.

Tuners are a bit challenging but they can be swapped at some point perhaps. To claim that the new guitars, excellent though they may be, represent the "125th anniversary" of anything is advertising puffery.

Nice short scale length and a huge 48mm wide V neck (and I mean a V neck). I'm glad U S Music is importing some decent parlor guitars from Asia. But trying to evoke a "century-old tradition," as so much of the modern advertising seems to do, is a fraud, in my book -- even if the new guitars are similar in design and materials to the old Washburns. Allen Hopkins Gibsn: '54 F5 3pt F2 A-N Custm K1 m'cello Natl Triolian Dobro mando Victoria b-back Merrill alumnm b-back H-O mandolinetto Stradolin Vega banjolin Sobell'dola Washburn b-back'dola Eastmn: 615'dola 805 m'cello Flatiron 3K OM I'm not sure, I do not register marketing in really any form.

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