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Account holders who are self-employed when CD was opened or renewed must have suffered one of the following events after account opening or renewal: (1) business property or inventory damage; or (2) business closure for at least 5 business days due to fire or flood.Proof of such event will be required at time of request.All deposits, no matter the size will receive a 1.85% APY.The primary difference between CIT and Ally is the minimum deposit.

Whatever the rates are at the time of renewal are the rates you will receive.

Basically, if you invest in a 12-month CD, and during the CD’s term lose your job, you can withdraw the balance without penalty.

Here are the details: The Discover Bank “No Penalty CD” benefit applies to 12-month Certificates of Deposit and/or 12-month IRA Certificates of Deposit* (“CD”) opened or renewed between July 1, 2009 and December 31, 2009 and held as a sole ownership or joint-tenant account.

Some banks advertise CDs as no penalty, when that’s not exactly accurate.

For example, Discover Bank offered a CD with what it described as “penalty-free CD.” So what are these benefits?

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