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But yeah if you guys want your requests to be done it really helps if its simple, maybe something with one character and no difficult poses/actions so beginners like me can draw them too.

I always come here to see if I can do requests, but everything tends to be quite complex for me.268028912And to add to my post; OC is still OC, I wasn't a bit upset when people posted the previous pictures when I requested non-lewd Soraka.

Don't lash out on me because your reference was incomplete before the other anon linked imgur to cover for you.

Requesting Passion Lip fingerbanged to an intense orgasm while having her oiled up breasts fondled (one hand, two and with a toy in her?

Kanadeko from Omega Quintet getting nailed while laying on her side, one leg lifted up, one hand gripping sheets the other on the genitals; or simply giving a titfuck with her nice tits. v=614YHf7OO2YRequesting Green Heart naked getting a load of cum shot at her face and titties, as well as Noire. page=post&s=view&id=1036274Requesting Fiona from Haunting Ground (far left) being stripped and groped from behind by Daniella or stripped/groped/raped/whatever by Lorenzo or Debilitas.

Her breast size is adjustable in game so if you want to make them a little bigger that's fine.

I have a request of Senran Kagura'wincest' where Ikaruga is bound by the sickle's chain of Murasame's, also using her sword to bind her arms and legs while he has his way with her, or is just about to or like the aftermath I'd like a drawing (in webcam view) of Vert doing this naked with a really big one, like a ' Naughty Wyvern' or "Awful Wyrm" brand. And make her look like she's hurting but enjoying the sensation of something that big going in her.268018991How about the man is on the bed, nervously covering himself in the sheets.

In the doorway, the woman is standing confidently in the nude with her hands on her hips and legs spread with a Luvdisc strapped to her crotch like a strap-on saying "You ready?

Just draw her with her clothes on if you don't know what to do, but seriously its possible to draw even nude characters in a non-sexual way if they want to.

Ck YQ9,l FWB5Xt, B2Dy Eth,r YKRa Ow,37Q5Ml M,k N46ow FIf you'd prefer the skimpier black version of her, ask and I'll post references of them.

Requesting something with Teiris and ghouls and ghosts kind of 'upgrade' system with cooler armor and better attacks, but with Teiris getting bustier and curvier with each upgrade as well as cooler clothes before losing all her clothes except her bikini, crown and the size increase.

For the most part, it looks solid to me so you are on the right track.

Maybe once it's colored the influences of the subjects will shine more.

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