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“A married man gets an elbow in the side,” he said. Get up and do your duty.’ Our wives actually encourage us to be better priests that we would be otherwise.” The flip side, however, is that married priests are far less mobile.Most priests are reassigned to a new parish every five to seven years.

Rather the opposite to 'Little Lottie', 'Twickel Purple' is a fairly large, robust variety of lavender, with strong stems.

In response to the massive shortage of priests, Pope Francis has asked the church to reflect on the possibility of ordaining is a possibility,” Pope Francis said.

“Then we must determine what tasks they can perform, for example, in remote countries.” The doctrine of celibacy, however, does not look like it would be relaxed.

Lavender is the ideal plant for dry summer gardens thanks to its immense drought tolerance.

Put the plants in full sun and let them fill your garden with the most gorgeous scent all summer.

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