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They were waiting for me and immediately filled the prescriptions when I handed them to her.

I want to thank and compliment Lola and Don the pharmacist for being willing to fill three last minute prescriptions and solving my problem.

They upgrade this person to a position that she shouldn’t be working at 4 months.

They moved to do outbound at 6 months from starting. She has been written up for cussing 3 times, plays on her phone all the time, talks loud all the time about sex on the floor and the bosses don’t say anything.

After reading hundreds of accounts online about this and other generics from the Indian company making others extremely ill and not working for the illness or condition it was prescribed for, I asked the Walgreens pharmacist to exchange it for another US made generic but he told me all they have are Indian generics for this drug because “Walgreens purchases whatever the cheapest generic available is.” I asked if he knew of the Indian generics making others sick (in this case the manufacturer was Teva) and he said yes. First of all, your SALE on your ads, they do NOT follow. My first time going to CVS YESTERDAY WAS ONE OF THE BEST… He even sighed to me over the intercom like “UGH, I guess I’ll have to take a look maam” and slammed the phone down.I found out at the healthcare system I work for its pharmacy of choice they partner with is CVS obviously due to this type of attitude that Walgreens has and their lack of regard for their customers’ health and safety. TRAIN YOUR MANAGEMENT AND PHARMACY STAFF TO BE MORE CARING AND RESPECTFUL. He told me to either come in or drive around and get back in line, so I do.The sad part is there is a Walgreens less than 5 minutes from my home I wanted to patronize but I am now driving 15-20 minutes to a CVS to get US made generics to avoid getting so sick again. Remember we can always go to CVS, WALMART PHARMACY, OSCO DRUG, ETC! When I get back to the window I ask him for his name so I can report him and he actually had the audacity to say to me “Im not telling you”!!Walgreens was founded in 1901 by Chicagoan Charles R. By 1913, the business had grown to 4 Chicago locations. The chain grew rapidly in the 1920s and there were 397 stores in 87 cities by 1930. The newly formed company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol: WBA. 2, 2018) had a problem with getting a very expensive prescription. However a pre authorization was needed from my insurance and the process started with my provider of service. I had to pay over a thousand dollars up front however because I had to have my medication.This rapid growth has been, in part, attributed to Walgreens selling bootleg liquor during Prohibition. In 2012, the DEA accused Walgreens of failing to maintain proper control over prescription pain medication, especially Oxycodone. Question 1: What is the phone number for Walgreens? My Walgreens is the one on Southport Supply Road in Southport NC. Also the pharmacist at that time was also trying to help by trying to track down my provider and/or the insurance company. I had as much luck as they did and had to go to corporate headquarters of my provider who got it dome in under 3 hrs. I made it within 3 hours of the 7 day deadline to receive my refund thanks to those at Walgreens.

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