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For breakfast he drinks a glass of orange juice and eats bacon and eggs. He is fond of reading fantasy and T took several books from him to read. Often such private collections are given to museums, libraries and public galleries so that others might take pleasure in seeing them.

Then he studies in the library with his friends.: Stepan is a funny slim little guy with brown hair and a snub nose. People with a good deal of money often collect paintings, rare books and other art objects.

I go to a technical college and I don’t have much free time. I have got already 4 albums with photos and my friends like to watch them when they come to my place.

We have been friends with Vlad for quite a long time to learn a thing or two about his tastes, haven't we? Not long ago my parents gave me an expensive and very good camera for a present and I spent a lot of time looking for interesting pictures. When we go hiking or walk in the town I always have my camera with me.

Lunch is usually eaten at office hours and is a light meal, too.You will pay a sales tax for prepared food, for example, when you are in a restaurant. It usually takes people from an hour to an hour and a half to have a meal and leave a full service restaurant.You must remember that the prices listed on items in stores do not include sales tax — a cashier will add it to your bill. His friends are coming to his place in a few minutes. The tip is not included in the bill, but a waiter will expect a tip of 15 % of a bill.On Sundays a so-called brunch is common, which is in fact a combination of breakfast and lunch. In Great Britain one can find a lot of restaurants with a national cuisine – Italian, Chinese e. Vlad's sister Nina and her husband Boris now have got a new apartment.They are really happy: they have been renting an apartment for quite a long time and saving money to buy a new one. Their apartment is located not far from the centre, near the park, and a walkable distance from Nina's parents' place, so her parents and brothers can come to visit them quite often.

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