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The North Coast 500 has been billed as Scotland's answer to America's Route 66 but it is unlike anything you'll see in the USA.

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Drama unfolds as novices do battle with some of the UK's greatest paddlers, as well as the elements, to take home 6 cups. [TBC] Great Newham London Swim [TBC] Great Scotish Swim & Great Scotish Swim Aquathon. Northampton Carnival Sat - Racecourse Park, Northampton NN1 4LG.

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To validate this in a SAX parser, one must keep track of all ID attributes (any one of them might end up being referenced by an IDREF attribute at the very end); as well as every IDREF attribute until it is resolved.

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10.4 A credit balance that has been purchased is valid for 24 months. Please remember that the webcam video streams and pictures are live and in real time.

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Nestled in the beautiful North Cotswolds with stunning views of the Valley of Evesham, Hidcote is one of England’s greatest arts and crafts gardens and consists of a series of outdoor “rooms”, each with its own distinct character and theme.