When a widowed parent starts dating

Before long, my father was asking me for tips on where to meet women, how to present himself, and what to wear.

I suddenly felt like I was the father and he was the son.

I get that this is how he has chosen the deal with his grief by trying to barrel past it at mock speed.

What he doesn't take into consideration is that he is forcing all the rest of us to keep up his break neck pace by forcing this new relationship on us.

To be fair, I can honestly say I really like my Dad's new girlfriend and can see that she makes him happy. I do have difficulty with the fact that they have no boundaries when it comes to my parents house.

Having your own father ask you for dating advice would, I suspect, top almost anyone's list.My mother died completely unexpectedly after a successful surgery 11 months ago.My father's now girlfriend was a friend of the family before my mom's death and she began pursuing my father 1 month after my mother died.I am well educated enough to know how unhealthy my father's approach to his grief is.Rather than deal with the sorrow and loneliness of the loss of his 45 year relationship (no matter how trying the last few years were) he has chosen to remove physical reminders of my mother and jump into this new relationship, become consumed with all these new loving feelings rather than deal with the loss of the old.

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